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In Piedmont dialect, langa is one of many ways to say a hill. Because this is a land made of hills – gentle slopes, wide valleys that cross the ranges, interrupted every so often by villages, roads, paths and streams. The Langhe is a place of simple folk and inestimable treasures. Its agricultural resources, which include fine, noble wines, combine with a long history of craftsmanship, culinary expertise among the most celebrated in Italy and a passion for all those pleasures that are cultivated with hard work and patience.

Dogliani vino

In the Langhe, everything seems to have been created on purpose for wine


In the Langhe, everything seems to have been created on purpose for wine. Its valleys offer an ideal alternation of unique, particular micro-climates; the soil, comprising alternate layers of clay, sand and limestone, contributes to the wide variety of grape types, and the marked fluctuations in temperature give them body and flavour. Dolcetto, Barbera, Pelaverga, Moscato, Arneis, Favorita and Nebbiolo, from which come some of the world's finest wines, such as Barbaresco and Barolo - the wines of the Langhe are an infinite patrimony of flavour and tradition dedicated to wine lovers all over the world.

The culinary tradition of this area can count on top quality raw materials. The Langhe are not just renowned for wine, this is the homeland of the truffle, the highly esteemed "Alba white", and wonderful cheese can be found here, such as Castelmagno, Murazzano and Roccaverano Robiola and Raschera. And then there are Piedmont hazelnuts, Bra sausage and the traditional tajarin, small egg-pasta tagliatelle. Flavours and scents of a land which has made the pleasures of the table a virtual vocation.

Dogliani is one of the most picturesque towns in the whole area..

Ai Paian is located a short way from the centre of Dogliani, one of the most picturesque towns in the whole area. The town is full of life and architectural beauty. Walking through its medieval streets, you encounter exquisite examples of Piedmont Baroque and buildings with clearly Late Gothic influences. Outside the walls, it is impossible not to come across vineyards of Dolcetto, the pride and joy of these hills, and innumerable parish churches and chapels scattered among the fields. These are perfect places for a walk or for a bike or horseback ride.

Langhe and Roero
Castles, museums, santuaries and churches, nature and parks. And of course, the vineyards that spring up all over these hills. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this land is the quintessence of a centuries-old culture and an environment rich in resources, to be discovered and rediscovered with every journey. Flavour is the leitmotiv of every journey; it was here that the Slow Food adventure began, the Università del Gusto and the Barolo Museum are located here, and it is where noted gastronomic events such as Cheese and Vinum are held.

langhe e roero

Just an hour away, Turin is a not-to-be-missed destination for those who want to combine relaxation with the pleasure of discovering an ancient city that offers a rich architectural and cultural heritage. International museums, such as the Egyptian Museum, the Cinema and Automobile Museums, contemporary art, elegant squares and monuments, the Royal Town Residences and the Corona di Delizie (Crown of Delights), the ring of Savoy residences encircling the city, not to mention great events and a truly unique range of foods and wines.